Academic Outreach

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Nerat & Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Victor Duenas Gonzalez

Vice President

Nathan Karl


Benjamin Ramirez

Club Information

Once to twice a month.

To develop a system between peers in which the relationship between them becomes one of a tutor and tutee. This will facilitate the work of teachers and it will allow students to choose assistance from a wider range of academic resources. It will also allow students to employ knowledge that they could potentially lose. Also, for the student body to reach out to communities outside of Mater Dei Catholic that are less fortunate.

It will engage the student body because students will help each other academically. Members will also have the opportunity to help communitites outside of Mater Dei Catholic HS.

Fundraisers, announcements, social media posts, flyers.Fundraisers, announcements, social media posts, flyers.

Our club expects to complete multiple service projects, however, we still haven’t figured out how or what. One potential project is to help a school in Calexico with school supplies.