Faculty Moderator

Mrs. O’ Brien

Club Leadership


Ashley Sanchez & Chloe Cabarios

Club Information

Every Two Weeks – Tuesdays.

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe and free space for the student body in which they can express their thoughts and feelings on any subject without being judged as well as receive advice from other students who they can relate to on how they have dealt with similar situations. What we envision for our club is for students to feel like they can be able to have a place in which they can let everything out after a long stressful week, since sometimes they feel more comfortable talking with people of their own age.

Our club can engage the student body by welcoming them to come and talk about anything they’d like, and destressing themselves orally, as well as verbally with different accessories/activities that we would provide, such as stress balls, drawing, coloring books, play-doh, word searches, crossword puzzles, riddles, movies (movie nights), mini snacks, board games. We would also have a suggestion box, as well as an anonymous box in which people can put in folded pieces of paper that express what they’re feeling or thinking.

Some potential events that will be throughout the school year that will raise awareness about the goals of our club would be to have a Appreciation/Support Friend Day in which students can write a letter with a treat to their friend, their letter could express their appreciation for them as well as supporting them by letting them know that even though they have noticed they are going through a hard time they want them to know that they are there for them and care about them. Another potential event would be our club going on a service trip to volunteer where we are needed such as a homeless shelter, animal shelter, reading to kids who aren’t in the best circumstances at the hospital, etc..

Some potential virtual events our club will host during distance learning would be to meet up with another vent club and just show to two groups that they are not alone in their struggles, after that we can host some sort of competition or ice breaker just to help everyone know each other. Another potential event that our club would host during distance learning would be is before the Vent meeting they could anonymously send in a google form telling us their vent and if they would like us to share it with the support group.

A potential service project our club will host during the school year is a pick-up trash day at the beach, or at a park, or plant some trees in a forest hike trail, or volunteer at the animal shelter etc..