Children’s Health and Happiness

Faculty Moderator

Mrs. DiDio

Club Leadership


Gillian Justice

Vice President

Veronica Molina


Izabella Ojeda

Club Information

We will meet at least twice a month or every two weeks. Some months would be once a month.

Mission Statement: To promote mental well-being and provide resources to children in low income families in an effort to help stimulate and engage young minds.

We envision creating a club centered around supporting children in high risk neighborhoods and providing them resources to keep their mental well-being healthy. We also want to help kids express their creativity by providing them materials to keep them stimulated and entertained when they have to stay inside, especially during these times. We want to introduce to these children new ways of being creative.

Our club would engage the student body by creating engaging posters and infographics that show what our club is all about. We would also create a social media platform promoting the importance of children’s mental health and ways others can get involved in helping children in low income families.

We would hold fundraisers such as jean day, a food sale, or a basket drive. We could also visit the organizations we are giving our baskets to and interact with the kids if allowed. Another event could be by watching informative talks like ted talks to inform club members on mental health and its importance.

Some virtual events we could do is by watching ted-talks our other speeches on mental health and its importance. Even though we would not be able to make baskets together, we could hold meeting where we write the affirmation cards for the children together as a group.

A potential service project would be putting together the baskets full of materials for each kid. We could then go to the organizations and personally donate them to the families if that is allowed.