Faith Formation

Faculty Moderator

Fr. Claude

Club Leadership

Girl’s Leader

Melina Vicente

Boy’s Leader

Connor Pham


Jane Clark & Kim Santiago

Club Information

Every week (day TBD)

The purpose of faith formation is to learn and draw students closer to the Catholic faith through the help of other students and our chaplain. Each week Fr. Claude will have a different discussion topic ranging from the past week’s Gospel to a Saint’s feast day. Faith Formation is an opportunity for students to ask Fr. Claude any questions or hear about a specific discussion topic. With Faith Formation, we hope students gain a stronger relationship with God and learn more about the Catholic faith through a non-classroom setting.

Our club engages in the student body because it is open to anybody in all grade levels. Students will be able to interact with each other about the Catholic faith providing plenty of opportunities for them to become the best person they can be. What we learn in Faith Formation is not confined to what we learn in our theology classes.

One potential event is to let students write their favorite Bible verses or stories on sticky notes and post them on the Loyola building bulletin board. Another potential event would be to host a bake sale and use the money raised to donate to a Catholic charity of the club’s choice.

Faith Formation will host weekly zoom meetings with our chaplain for discussions about the Catholic faith.

The club can host a Christmas gift drive where students can donate new or lightly used toys, clothes, etc. to be given to the less fortunate.