French Club

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Wade

Club Leadership


Samantha Graham

Vice President

Priscilla Ceja


Nellie Alonso

Club Information

We’ll meet every other week.

Our purpose is to share French culture amongst other students. We hope to educate others as well as help other students improve their French skills.

We will have meetings and certain events that the student body will be welcome to join.

We will have meetings where the club will watch French movies together. We’re planning to have meetings where we celebrate certain events like Mardi Gras and Day of Music. In short, we’ll use French holidays as themes for our meetings.

We’re hoping to watch French movies, and we’re hoping to learn more about the French language by playing quizlet and Kahoot together. We’ll celebrate French holidays together too.

Some ideas we have are a bake sale. Maybe we can plan some sort of movie night, and also, we may sell sweater shirts to members. With whatever we do, we’ll donate any profits.