Future Authors

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Dominguez

Club Leadership


Victor Cardenas

Vice President-Public Relations

Alondra Zuñiga

Vice President-Membership

Georgia Overby


Isabella Giordano


Jayden Muñoz

Sergeant at Arms

Carolina Reynoso


Marissa Cariguoa

Club Information

The purpose of this club is to encourage each other’s enthusiasm for writing by creating a supportive community. This club is dedicated to help students with a love for writing and gain the skills necessary to become published authors. This club will make writing fun and educational. The sharing and writing publicly on a platform with wider audiences will be possible through this club.

The club can engage the student body by creating opportunities for students that want to learn or reinforce their writing knowledge, a subject that the school highly values. This club experiments with different writing types and pushes the boundaries of writing rules.

Some potential events that the club could host to raise awareness are NaNoWriMo, a senior application workshop, and have guest speakers.

We could host a flash fiction competition, lectures and workshops.

October 20th, National Day on Writing.

November, NaNoWriMo Month.

April, National Poetry Month.