Future Doctors of America

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Leon

Club Leadership



Vice President




Club Information

3-4 times a month.

The purpose of this club is to give students who want a future in medicine, primarily doctors or surgeon, a chance to talk about the process of medical school. Also I have gotten surgeon and doctors from UCSD to help teach the participants techniques and strategies to be successful as a doctor/ surgeon.

Our club will engage students with videos and calls and presentations from me and doctors from UCSD.

Our club will possibly do food events, presentations, and if I get permission from the school a couple of student can go to UCSD Hillcrest medical center with me to shadow some doctors for a couple of hours.

Some events the club will host are lectures from me about basic medicine from what I have learned from top notch doctors at UCSD. We will also learn the process of getting into medical school and becoming a doctor. I will also get information from surgeons on techniques and processes. I will also teach some basic forms of medicine, such as stoping the bleed which I am certified in and other basic techniques.

We will volunteer at the hospital if able. We will also help out with other service project. Maybe even help screen people at school.


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