Future Medical Careers

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Maria Reyes

Vice President

Evelyn Arambula


Itzel Esparza

Club Information

Once every two weeks.

The purpose of the club is to expose and educate the future of medicine on the different careers and steps they could take to get into the field.

We can engage the student body by having panels for information, making q&a sessions open to everyone, and have service projects to help medical professionals during this time.

Events that would raise awareness for our club would be opening up the q&a sessions, joining up with other clubs to talk about the different aspects of a medical career, and fundraising with the school in order to help the frontline workers.

Some potential events would be a panel with doctors and students headed into the field to answer questions about several topics. Other events would be presentations on different colleges and activities to do in order to prepare for the future.

Potential service projects would be doing a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders and writing letters to send to healthcare workers around the county to bring them some cheer during these hard times.