Magic & Dragons

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Miguel Serrato

Vice President

John Meshinsky


Nicholas Dela Rosa

Club Information

Once a week or once every other week.

We aim to bring together like-minded individuals to create a small group/community of friendship and creativity while also developing skills such as storytelling, strategic/creative thinking, communication, teamwork, and even acting.

We will be offering a space for students to meet each other and have fun, developing bonds among us and bringing the student body together.

We will be offering crash courses of mainly what Dungeons & Dragons is, what it offers, and how to play as well as Magic the Gathering. Perhaps even offering to host tournaments in the game Magic the Gathering!

Similar to the ones in question 8, except that we will host tournaments in MTG: Arena (the virtual version of Magic the Gathering).

Also not fully explored, we might have live-streams of either Magic the Gathering and/or Dungeons & Dragons to raise money for the school or a chosen charity which we have researched thoroughly.