Response Club

Faculty Moderator

Mr. Rosales

Club Leadership


Carlos Elias

Vice President

Rodrigo Hernandez


Oscar Tapia

Club Information

During COVID and online school, most likely once per month. Once on campus, closer to one meeting per two weeks.

The purpose of the club is to help anyone in need of service. From people with disabilities to homeless citizens, and anything in between, we try our best to help those in need. I envision this club to participate in several events that will benefit the entire community. COVID is currently restricting this, but I hope the opportunities for service increase over time.

The club is an excellent opportunity for students to participate in service events and gain service hours for it. Our club can have an Instagram page, reminding members about upcoming events and how they can participate. We could also send scheduling info to MDTV so they could maybe inform the whole school about upcoming events.

Some potential events that have occurred in previous years and hopefully this year as well (if COVID permits), is scheduling exclusive times with people with disabilities at Noah Homes. There we do several activities that promote positive attitudes and develop a sense of kinship with the people there. Along with other various events that have been repeated in previous years, I plan on creating new relationships with people and organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, where we can choose dates to prepare dinner for the people residing there. I have personally done one of these with my soccer team, and I believe this would be an excellent and exciting event.

Coming up with social distancing events that promote our goal of helping people face-to-face will be difficult, so I think the best way to still provide service is through food drives. This can be done by having students dropping off food, drinks, etc., at a certain location contact-free. In terms of events entirely online, a potential charity live stream or video game tournament could be an option, where all the proceeds go to an organization of choice.

The club is based entirely on service, so you could say our whole year will be the project.