The Vibe Club

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Nerat & Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Jacelle (Jay) Oliveros

Vice President

Regina Medina


Lily Chavez


Ian Bishop

Club Information

To provide a safe space for people to talk to one another about their passions, interests, and more during quarantine. We want to promote good mental health, especially being able to talk to others online during quarantine, as it can be quite hard to do so.

We will engage the student body by promoting good mental health online, promote a safe space for everyone to be themselves, and spread positivity. We will hold events such as movie nights, game nights, etc. that anyone can participate in. We can have an Instagram account that posts about mental health awareness.

Potential events include: Mental health fundraisers (such as charity Twitch streams), movie nights, game nights, and overall just fun nights with everyone on Discord. If we return to campus, this will be held in Mr. Wessman’s classroom.
Movie nights, game nights, etc. (Overall, just nights spent with the members on Discord so we can enjoy each others company during quarantine since we aren’t able to meet in real life).
At least one charity livestream on Twitch. We would play a game with members/individuals interested in being on stream and have donations enabled. All of the money raised would go to a charity of choice, such as the Mental Health America.
1 meeting every Friday. They are optional and will be available to anyone to join in on, at least during the school year. If individuals are interested, we can continue holding them during breaks.