Asian Pop Music

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Farley

Club Leadership


Mya Hiatt

Vice President

Sade Jackson


Victoria Arreola

Club Information

When the school opens up: Every Friday lunch in Mrs. Farley’s classroom

The main goal of the APMC is to create a passionate community of Asian pop music fans from all over campus. By utilizing this club, we can bring people together to appreciate, learn more about, and bring awareness to the pop music of Asia.

Merchandise, Dancing, Music, and More. To create exposure for the Asian Pop Music Club, we will sell our club merchandise on school grounds, host random play dances, and come up with other fun ways.

Group Orders, Concert Tickets, Fundraisers. Along with saving money on album bulk orders, all money raised from group orders will be donated to a local music charity in San Diego. We can also raise money for donation through reselling K-Pop concert tickets to members and coming up with more fundraisers! When we share our bond over our love for music by purchasing albums and attending concerts, our community bond becomes stronger and friendships are formed.

Online concert streaming and virtual karaoke sessions. As a club, we can pitch in to buy tickets to watch online concerts from the safety of our own home. We can also do group karaoke sessions through Zoom or other voice chatting platforms.

We plan to sell assorted Eastern Asian snacks and club merchandise to students! All money raised will be donated to a local music charity in San Diego.

As a lot of things are closed right now, we do not have any solid plans. However, we plan on hosting random play dances after school in Fatima Court at least once per month once school opens up. Along with on-campus activities, we hope to have monthly outings to different cafes and restaurants.