Mater Dei Clubs

A variety of clubs are sponsored by the Associated Student Body of Mater Dei Catholic High School. Each club offers each student the opportunity to participate fully in the academics, spiritual, and social life of the school.  This year there are more than 40 clubs, all student developed and student driven. We encourage every student to get involved with the club life at Mater Dei.  It will enhance the high school experience, give you an opportunity to serve the community and it will be great addition to your college resume.

Club Day 2020

2020/21 Club List

Academic Outreach
animation club
anime club
Asian Pop Music
Book Club
Black Student Union
Children’s H & H
Choir Club
Crusader Impact
Crusader Kaibigan
Culinary Club
Cyber Security Club
Dance Club
eSports Club
Empathy Club
Faith Formation
French Club
Future Authors
Future Doctors
Future Medical Careers
Girl Up
Immigration Youth
Junior Optimist
Key Club
Magic & Dragons
Movie Club
Nintendo Club
Pro Life Club
Quiz Bowl
Response Club
Robotics Club
Science NHS
Student’s Haven
TedEd Club
The Office Club
The Vibe Club
Ukulele Club