Science National Honor Society

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Rodrigo Hernandez

Vice President

Carlos Elias


Oscar Tapia

Club Information

The purpose of this club is to seek out student who are qualified to be inducted into the Science National Honor Society.

We can provide students the opportunity to be inducted in the Science National Honor Society. This can help them with their college applications or personal gain.

Our main events that we could make throughout the year would be more informative events teaching students about the benefits of joining the SNHS. We would also like to “sponsor” fun events like a free dress day or brining an ice cream truck to school just to get the name out there and catch more students’ attention.

A good potential virtual event would be hosting a tournament online. Organizing students to pitch in a small entrance fee, play in the tournament, and give the proceeds to charity. With the goal of spreading awareness of the new opportunity that would be joining the SNHS.  We would also like to start an instagram page to reach more students through social media.

One potential service project would be working with Mr. Smith (Steve) to organize more robotics tournaments for the elementary schools to promote early interest in STEM fields.


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