Full Stomach

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Nunez

Club Leadership


Karla Saldana

Vice President

Estefania Garcia


Natalia Trinidad


Ximena Carranza

Club Information

The purpose of “Full Stomach” is to provide meals for people in the streets. Our vision is to be able to brighten up the day of people and bring smiles to their faces. Our club is a small step to bring awareness to a concerning world issue that involves hunger. We planned on making meals to feed those in need. We know we don’t have the power to make as big of an impact as we would want to, but the idea of allowing a person to have a full stomach for at least one afternoon is already impacting someone’s life. We will conduct fundraisers that will raise awareness about the topic and will create a wider impact because more people will become involve and they will be able to understand our vision.


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