Faculty Moderator

Ms. Wade

Club Leadership


Sohini Mody

Vice President

Isabella Giordano


Maeve Hagerty


Francisco Cardenas Beltran

Club Information

Once a month, Friday after school.

The purpose of this club is to expose our student body to human rights, equality, fair trade, and environmental issues. We will do this by living up to the mission of UNICEF, an organization established to help advocate and aid for those who need it. We envision that our club will be a community of students who want to improve the world and recognize the injustices many people must face. We will also be hosting several fundraisers, in which all proceeds will go to UNICEF and events to raise awareness of common issues in the world.

We will hold events, create an Instagram account to update all club members. Each meeting will inform members about a different activist topic. We would also like to give presentations in the classrooms of Juan Diego Academy, where service hours will be offered. We are also thinking about doing a book of the month, where each member reads a book related to previously discussed topics, and have a discussion about how the book tackles topics in meetings.

We were thinking of holding schoolwide seminars about global issues, such as climate change, fair trade, gender equality, human trafficking, domestic abuse, disaster relief, immigration support, education, and homelessness. We would like to partner with Girl Up to host a few of these seminars. We would also like to host a Ben and Jerry’s fundraiser in the month of May to celebrate World Fair Trade Day.

Virtual game night, Film competition—members produce possible trailers for the club, Move seminars online.

We would like to hold a few food fundraisers at school, as well as fundraisers around the school like Blaze Pizza. We are also looking into volunteering at a domestic abuse/human trafficking safe house, and a food/clothing drive to which all goods will go to a homeless center.