Empathy Club

Faculty Moderator


Club Leadership


Alejandra Romandia

Vice President

Ivanna Restrepo


Frida Gutierrez

Club Information

We would meet once or twice a week.

I believe that mental health is really important, specially during this pandemic where we are all forced to be separated from our friends and filled with stress by work. This is why we need a club where we can meet and just talk about what is on our minds at the moment and how to see our issues with another perspective so we can be positive and appreciate every moment.

We are planning on hosting a podcast which can be sent to the students at Mater Dei where we give out positive messages to continue our week with an optimistic mindset, in the podcast we would feature students who have important advice/messages that they want to share. We can also have events where we focus on mental health for every student.

Some events we are planning on having are:
-Meditation days were we invite every student to join and relax after a long week of school.
-Organizing fundraisers to have a room at school were you can go relax if you are having a stressful day at school and just need a tiny break.
-Organize events to raise awareness on the importance of mental health.

We will have zoom meetings, live videos, create podcasts and have an instagram page where we inform the students what the club goals are and how to be a part of it.

Some service projects we are planning on hosting are:
-Cleaning up the beach
-Organizing fundraisers so we can donate to different organizations