Key Club

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Austin

Club Leadership


Marissa Caguioa

Executive Vice President

Damian To

Vice President-Service

Jovin Adamos & Itzel Esparza


Emily Kwon


Christian Arambula


Lauren Bajo-Smith

Club Information

1-2 times per month.

The purpose of this club is to serve the community and give members the opportunity to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. For this club, I envision the unity and development of young leaders across campus who have an understanding of the worlds needs. Our members will form friendships and bonds with other dedicated, hardworking members within and outside of the school. They will realize that being part of Key Club means being apart of something bigger than themselves; Key Club is a student-led and student-powered force that truly makes a difference in this world, all made possible by each member’s own small efforts.

Our club will engage the student body by educating our members about issues we can help alleviate and provide effective ways to do so. We plan to create service events that would interest our student body specifically. Furthermore, we plan to have bonding days on Zoom where we can simply talk and check in or play games during this time. Our main form of interaction with our members is via Instagram.

We will have meetings throughout the school year through Zoom to provide education about the goals of our club and its impact. To make the meetings more enticing, we will cover other topics such as scholarship opportunities, leadership training, and tips for college; many of our training conferences provide information on each of these topics which we can share with out own clubs.

– Kiwanis BINGO Night

– Jeopardy night (entry fee for fundraising)

– Zoom meetings for game nights, club info, etc

1) Letters to Foster Children

2) Kiwanis BINGO night – Fundraiser

3) Lei Making for graduation (Service & fundraiser)

4) Environmental cleanups

Aug 6th – Zoom Meeting for Letters to Foster Children

Aug 12th – Zoom Meeting for Letters to Foster Children

End of Aug (exact date TBA) – Interclub video game tournament to raise funds for PTP

Aug 19th – Kiwanis DCM Takeover: BINGO night

September Events still in progress for planning

October 1st-Oct 31st – Trick or Treat for UNICEF (still working out details for payment collections due to COVID)


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