Students’ Haven

Faculty Moderator

Mr. Santos

Club Leadership


Melina Vicente

Vice President

Mylie Dela Rosa

Jane Clark

Club Information

Twice a month (every other week).

The club’s mission statement is “Mater Dei Students’ Haven Club provides a safe place for students to improve their well being and maintain a healthy mind and healthy heart.”

This will be a club where students can just talk to each other in a safe environment giving them opportunities to talk about serious topics and also not so serious topics. Students come together and share their perspectives on different questions, give each other advice, and give their thoughts on different situations going on around us. It would be a good resource for students’ mental health because it can be an outlet for us to gain insight, get more exposure, or to just vent and hopefully help each other along the way.

Each meeting there can be a different question where students will all go around and share their answers. Questions can include “is comparison necessary for success?” “is peace on earth possible?” “have your friends seen the real you?” “what is the most important lesson in life?” (These questions don’t necessarily have to be serious or super reflective! Although it is preferred, students can ask each other anything they are honestly curious about!)

Another idea is to use the club to share advice with each other. Students can send in (anonymously if preferred) questions/things they need advice on through a form we create, and in the meeting everyone can share and discuss to help that person. I think this would be great because it’ll be students talking to students. Examples- if someone needs advice on handling fake friendships, how to manage schoolwork, how do they make the most out of a certain year in high school, etc.

With the world we live in today, I feel like there’s a lot of people who feel that they can’t voice their opinions because they’re scared to or feel like they’ll end up getting attacked through social media because it’s biased. With that, I also feel like there’s many people who can be very close minded primarily because they’ve only seen what is on the media and haven’t gotten opportunities to hear the other “sides.” Therefore, my main goal for this club is to create a safe community for students to connect and share their different ideas and outlooks on life with each other as well as hopefully open up others’ perspectives. I really want to use this club to spread more positivity and give everyone the chance they all deserve to be heard and share their ideas on life.

Besides creating an active instagram profile, Mater Dei Students’ Haven Club will engage the student body by providing them with opportunities to choose discussion topics. Through social media and emails, I plan to provide links forms that students can fill out. This form will allow them to send in any topics they would like to cover during the meeting whether it be some sort of question or something they would like advice on.

Please note that even though we believe everyone at Mater Dei is entitled to their own opinions and the whole purpose of our club is to share said opinions, we are also aware that because we are part of a Catholic school, we must maintain that type of environment. Thus, we will make it clear to students and in the form that there may be a few topics we might not be allowed to discuss during MDSHC meetings. (Feelings on LGBTQ+, pro-life vs. pro-choice, etc.) I plan to run any form responses the club receives by our faculty moderator to ensure the topic is safe to discuss. Before becoming club members, I will also make it a requirement for students to sign a waiver/consent form stating that they will agree to keep an open mind, share their thoughts, and have no hard feelings throughout all meetings.

In addition to the idea that students will be able to communicate with each other about topics they want with other students, MDSHC plans to engage members during meetings by starting each one with simple icebreakers/introductions before we jump in to get students a bit more comfortable with each other.

The thought of creating a MDSHC collaborative playlist on Spotify for all members to add to was also brought up. It can include songs students like to destress to and/or songs that keep them looking on the bright side.

Something we have in mind is that our club can hold a schoolwide event where everyone has the option to wear either a green or blue top in honor of mental health awareness and staying calm.

Besides the club’s normal meetings, MDSHC would also like to hold a few virtual meetings featuring guest speakers. Depending on what topics we choose to discuss that week we can ask recent high school graduates if they would like to join us and speak to our club members. This can be a great opportunity for Mater Dei students to hear speeches on various topics by students who have already made it out of high school while still maintaining a small age gap (still “students to students”).

Another idea is to connect with students from other high schools in the area and see if they would like to join us virtually to hold something like a multi-school Students’ Haven Club meeting. This way club members get exposed to an even wider range of perspectives and opportunities for advice!

If possible, we would like to have a service project where club members get to write letters to orphans. There is an organization called Paper Bridges that we can submit letters to that will then be delivered to orphans around the world. The program can be a great opportunity for students to make a positive impact in someone’s life which is what Mater Dei Students’ Haven Club is all about!

Students can time how long they spend working on the letters to receive their service hours.