Students’ Haven

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Morris

Club Leadership


Melina Vicente

Vice President

Mylie Dela Rosa


Talia Quiroga

Club Information

Our mission statement is “Mater Dei Students’ Haven Club provides a safe place for students to improve their well being and maintain a healthy mind and healthy heart.”

MDSHC is a club where students have the opportunity to come together at our meetings and share their perspectives on different questions (ranging from serious to not so serious), give each other advice, and give their thoughts on different situations going on around us. It has become a good resource for students’ mental health because it is an outlet for us to gain insight, get more exposure, or to just vent and hopefully help each other along the way.

MDSHC exposes students to new perspectives on a variety of situations and topics. We want students to not necessarily change all of their opinions, but to simply come out of meetings saying “I never thought about that before.”

Everyone deserves an opportunity to share their opinions without having to be afraid of being judged by the people around them, and Mater Dei Students’ Haven Club creates a community of students that respects that idea.

To join, all you have to do is fill out the google form titled “Sign up Here!” Linked in our instagram page’s bio (@mdstudentshaven).

Please make sure to fill out the form so you can be added to our email list and complete our member requirement.


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