Stocks and Business Club

Faculty Moderator

Mr. Anzar

Club Leadership


Miguel Monteros

Club Information

The Stocks and Business Club seeks to teach students about investing in the stock market and some of the business fundamentals. However, this is also a place for students who already know about stocks and business to discuss and share ideas with like-minded peers.

Activities Include:
– Fundraisers: We will be hosting some fundraisers for the club to promote entrepreneurial spirit. These funds will also be used to fund the Clubs Trading Account

– Club Trading Account: The club will meet on the first Thursday of every month, in the meetings we will discuss which stocks to buy and sell. We will also create a group chat in order to monitor shorter period day/swing trades.

– Free Resources: The club will provide custom-made guides on the basics of stocks and investing. Topics include Intro to the Stock Market, Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Advanced Indicators, and Intro to Options.


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