Black Student Union

Faculty Moderator

Mrs. Wade

Club Leadership


Niala Mitchell

Vice President

Kayanna Spriggs

Club Information

At least once a week.

The purpose of BSU is give black students a voice and outlet at Mater Dei because we are a minority . It serves to talk about black culture and history. BSU aims to give black students a sense of community and belonging. As well as, give black students a space to share their stories. And to even talk about issues within the black community. For non-black students to see outside their own perspective and ask genuine questions to spark healthy conversations. Even if those conversations are controversial! Everyone is welcome.

We will engage the student body through fundraisers and social media (Instagram and Facebook).

San Diego Soul Music Festival, Black History Month Exhibitions, Poetry for Justice .

We plan to have speakers come to our club and talk about topics such as equality and resilience. We will even use student voices. We are also looking for methods of entertainment— (freestyle poetry and music) .

We would like to find a charity servicing black youth here in San Diego. The idea is to have events during Thanksgiving and Christmas to give back during the holidays.