Immigration Youth

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Lopez-Vasquez

Club Leadership


Mark Allen Cu

Vice President

Alejandro Alcocer


Andre Wichman


Haylee Hoffman


Laura Brown

Club Information

We plan to meet once a month or twice a month depending on the growth/availability of guests/upcoming events of our club.

The purpose of this club will be to inform students about immigration history and culture as well as immigration law in our country. While many of us are first or second-generation immigrants here in San Diego, many of us do not know about how our immigration system works, how it has changed, and how it is constantly changing in today’s world. I am currently an intern at an immigration law firm and wish to share my experiences and knowledge with others about the topic.

The club will promote events at which students can share their stories with being an immigrant/second-generation immigrant in America and how our heritage has evolved and affected our image in the U.S.

I plan to hold fundraisers for organizations such as the Immigration Center for Women and Children or Refugee Resources of San Diego to help the immigrants of America.

We are planning to have attorneys that work at my firm, as well as other immigration specialists, talk in zoom meetings to educate our club members about immigration law, history, and current events.

We have plans to partner with the law firm I intern at as well as organizations such as the AILA and/or the Border Angels. Partnering with these organizations will allow us to volunteer at shelters, water drops, and events aimed towards immigrants and worker’s rights.