Book Club

Faculty Moderator

Ms. Peck

Club Leadership


Bella White

Vice President

Camila Piceno


Bella Giordano

Club Information

The purpose of my club is to get students to read! I envision that students find love and time for reading. To make students read for fun and not just for school because reading is a very productive thing to do and is good for mental health.

Our club can engage with the student body by inspiring students to start reading and making fun book related activities. I can also use Instagram since that’s a very popular platform for teens. I can use the app to encourage students to attend a meeting or giving reading a try!

Obviously club day is an event where I can raise awareness for my book club. Possibly in the future when we go back to our normal lifestyles I can make a few meetings throughout the year for those to experience what book club is all about.

For the virtual events, they will all take place on zoom. We’ll pick a book for every month, maybe two? Every week will discuss what happened in the few chapters we read and what we thought about them on zoom! I could also host book related games or watch movies based on the books we’ve read and decide which is better.

There are many organizations that need book donations and my book club can host book donations for the entire school to participate in. They don’t have to be new books, they can be books that are sitting around the house or books from your childhood. When it is more safe to go outside, my club and I can read books at the Rady’s Children’s Hospitals. There’s probably many kids that are bored and have nothing to do. There’s nothing better than spending time with the kids and reading books to them.